summer <3

I realize it’s almost two in the morning, but I have nothing better to do then blog! I know I haven’t posted anything since school was in, but atleast I’m writing now! So far I’ve had a great summer, I’ve done lots of fun things with my friends:) I think my favourite thing I have done so far is shopping in the States. I went with a few of my friends, and I bought quite a bit of things. But, I have to go now, I’ll keep my blog updated!

My March Break!

   So, as most of you know we just had March Break! But, sadly it’s over. I had a pretty amazing March Break to tell you the truth! On Friday, I didn’t really do anything, but the fun definitely began on Saturday! I went to my friends house on Saturday, and we went to Simcoe which is a town near where I live. We watched a hockey game and the team we were going for won. Yay! We went out for lunch at Boston Pizza after, and then we went back to my friends house. We stayed up really late, like usual!

   Sunday was a fun day too. We watched another hockey game in Simcoe. We didn’t do much that day that I remember, but I stayed the night at my friends house again. I don’t remember what I did Monday either, but i stayed at my friends house again! Tuesday was probably the funnest day. We went snowboarding at Glen Eden near Toronto. I can honestly say I was on the ground most of the time, which is no surprise since it was my first time. After we were done, we went to Yin’s which is a Chinese food restuarant in Waterford (another town near where I live) for supper. It was yummy.

   On Wednesday, I went to another friends house in Delhi. We walked around town and ate a lot of skittles! We watched youtube videos all night. Trust me, at 4:00am you find everything funny! I went to the same friends house I was ate all the other days on Thursday and stayed the night. We walked down to the pier that night and played xbox. I went home the next day. The last few days of March Break I stayed home, which was alright too. And now that March Break is over, I’m at school again.

I love March Break:)