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I realize it’s almost two in the morning, but I have nothing better to do then blog! I know I haven’t posted anything since school was in, but atleast I’m writing now! So far I’ve had a great summer, I’ve done lots of fun things with my friends:) I think my favourite thing I have done so far is shopping in the States. I went with a few of my friends, and I bought quite a bit of things. But, I have to go now, I’ll keep my blog updated!

Persuasive Writting Assignment – Animal Testing.

This is for you Miss H:)

Animal testing. Guarantee you’ve never really thought about it. It’s wrong in so many ways. It could harm the animal, it’s quite expensive, and who said animals and humans react the same way? That’s only three out of the many reasons why it shouldn’t be allowed. After reading this you’ll think again.

Have you ever thought about how many animals die from animal testing? Easy answer: between twenty-five and fifty billion each year! That’s quite a lot of animals. Have you ever wondered why the population of animals is decreasing so fast? That’s your answer. Animal testing and animal abuse both hurt animals, so why can’t animal testing be illegal too?

Now not only could it hurt the animals, it costs a fortune as well. Every year the American public pays about $136 billion just on animal testing. That money should go towards something more important, like homeless people, charity, or in case a natural disaster ever happened. All that money’s pretty much just paying to kill the animals. If products were sold without being tested on animals first and it didn’t ‘go as planned’, the American public wouldn’t have to scoop out $136 billion annually. If that were the case you could just get a refund and pay a little bit of money to get cured, not $136 billion.

If anyone’s ever told you animals and humans react the same way, they were wrong. It’s proven that about 61% of the time, products that pass animal tests kill humans. That’s more then half the time!  Although animals and humans have similar parts that feel pain, they’re not always going to have the same reaction. There’s different areas on humans and animals that will react differently, and different products that will make it react a certain way.

This is only a few reasons why animal testing is bad. There’s many more reasons why. After reading this, you’ll probably think more about animal testing and that’s it’s not the greatest.

My Final Post .. For Now!

Registration: Of course! Two weeks is plenty of time. If someone has told you about the challenge before or during registration you should definitely have enough time before the challenge starts!

Subscription: No, I didn’t subscride, I only registered. I figured I was going to visit my blog at least once a day anyways. And besides, I visited my blog way more than I did my email, so that wouldn’t have done much for me!:)

Student and class pages: I think this headers we’re pretty useful. I guess it depended on the post or activty. For some of the activities you had to go to that. Some people may have used those pages more than others, but it was still useful for everyone at some point.

The challenges:

  • Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog? – I did actually visit the blog each week although my teacher had an outline of what we were supposed to do. I visited the blog so I had a better idea of what to do.
  • Which challenges were the most useful? – I think week five was most useful. That was te week of ‘Image Search’. I found it most useful because it made me more aware of giving credit to people and all the rights.
  • Which challenges were the most interesting? – I think the first challenge was most interesting because it was our first week in blogging. That was when we were first introduced to the blogging world:)
  • What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges? – I’m not sure. I think the challenges this year were fun:)
  • Are more tutorial type challenges needed? Eg: how to make a link in your post. Yes, more tutorial challenges could be helpful. The reason I say that is because people that are new to blogging might not know how to do some of the things.
  • Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful? – I didn’t really fin them useful, mainly because I never visited them.
  • Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding? – I thought they were easy to embed. They were also fun to create because instead of just staying on the edublogs website, we were on another site doing something for the blog!
  • Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes? – I think there was definitely enough chances. We could have visited another blog at anytime!
  • Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections? – I didn’t really do anything on the class blog, but we did make connections with bloggers from China:)

Second Last Post ..

Wow, I’m surprised we’re done this years challenge already! I’ve enjoyed blogging with people from all over the world. I’ve had 140 visitors on my blog, and I’m quite proud of that. My goal is to get 200 visitors. Only 60 more! So if you visit my blog and read this post, tell people about my blog so I can possibly achieve my goal! I’m not sure what to write about, so i’ll just say random things. I think the best overall blogger from my class is Jayden. If you want to visit his blog click in this link: Jayden’s Blog! i really don’t have much to say considering I’ve said it all in previous posts, but something I do want to say is I had fun blogging with everybody! These 10 weeks have gone by fast, but it was really fun:) Visit my blog over the summer, & I’ll have more posts!

World Turtle Day!

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 is World Turtle Day. I chose to write my post about the because I love turtles! I live right near Longpoint and whenever we drive through there to go to the beach there’s signs that say “Go Slow, Turtles Crossing’ or something because so many turtles get smushed. I really feel bad for those turtles because if we were them I don’t think we would appreciate getting hit by cars! I think people should be more aware and concerned about the fact we’re decreasing the turtle population slowly. Do you feel the same way?:)

The Results Are In ..!

If you have read what we are supposed to do for Week 9 of the challenge, you would know that activity four consists of nominating the most deserving student and class. That means you nominate which class and student is most deserving of ‘the award’. I think Jayden from my class is an over achiever. For example, we just started Week 10 of the blogging challenge and he is already done Week 10! Now that deserves and award! I think the most deserving class is our class. The only reason I say that is because I don’t have enough time to go through all the amazing class blogs! If you would like to checkout our class blog click on this link: Room 3.14. Who do you think deserves the ‘award’?

How To Get More Visitors ..

I currently have 131 visitors, which is pretty good for a grade seven student. I think I could increase my amount of visitors by tagging more people from around the world in my posts. I could also make my posts more interesting by adding colour to them, or maybe I could add more ‘fun’ widgets. Longer posts might help too. Another thing that might increase my visitors is if I comment on other peoples blogs. Comment on my post if you have any other suggestions!

Will I Continue Blogging Over The Summer?

Summer<3 Usually over the Summer I get completely off schedule. I stay up later, sleep in later, don’t go to school, and have more fun. I think I will continue blogging over the Summer, but I won’t blog quite as much. Blogging was a great experience for me and I would like to keep going during the Summer. I may only writr a few post, but it’s better then nothing! Will you continue blogging over the Summer/Winter?

My Weekend:)

I had a pretty fun weekend, I must say! On Friday I went to my friend Ally’s house for the night. We baked a giant cookie then went to Ingersoll to watch our friends baseball game. They won. After, we went back to her house and watched a movie. We fell asleep around 11:30. The next morning when we woke up, we got dressed and the we went to the beach. We didn’t go swimming, but we had a water fight and trust me, the water was freezing! After that we went out for lunch in Longpoint. The fries at Udderley Cool are quite yummy! I went home after that though, but the fun wasn’t over.

When I got home I asked my mom if I could have my friend Emily over. She was allowed to come over so we went to go pick her up around six. She lives in Delhi so it was about a half hour drive. When we got back to my house we went for a walk to the store and got chips and pop. Our night was long and filled with fun. When she went home the next day I had to clean my room because we made a huge mess of it! But now that the weekend’s done I’m back at school telling you about my weekend:) Please comment!


This is my meme for the Student Blogging Challenge – Week 8. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on this link – Student Blogging Challenge Week 8!

Something I glow with pride with is cheerleading. If you have read my first post which is about me you would know that I am a cheerleader at my school. I love to cheerlead! On May 28th our team is going to Canada’s Wonderland for a cheerleading competition. I’m not sure how we’re going to do, but I hope we don’t look like fools on stage!

I have done cheerleading since grade five and I have been on the team every year since then. I’m going to be in grade eight next year so it will be my last year doing cheerleading at my school. I don’t think I’m going to do it in highschool, but I might. Please comment!

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